Hand Luggage Only: How to Pack Light for Short Trips

Short trips, hand luggage, cabin bags

We go away for long weekend city breaks within Europe 6 or 7 times a year, as it means I only have to take a couple of days off work each time. To save on flight costs, and time waiting for baggage after our flight, we just take hand luggage with us. After years of practice, we can each now get all we need for up to 4 days or more into a cabin sized suitcase. Obviously, sometimes it’s a bit easier for Rob, being more low maintenance than me when it comes to packing requirements, but after a bit of practice, I’ve gotten pretty good at streamlining my packing. Here are my tips for packing smart for long weekends abroad.  

 Plan your outfits

Yes, this one seems obvious, but took me a few years to work out. Before, I would pack all my favourite clothes, lots of nice but inflexible outfits because I wanted to wear them. This isn’t practical if you want to travel light. Now, before we go, I plan an outfit for each day so I pack exactly what I need and nothing more. I usually make sure I can wear the same basic outfit from day to night, with just a minor change – like a top. On our city breaks we do a lot of walking around, so comfortable clothes are a must.

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