Hogs and Heifers, Las Vegas: a bar experience like no other

Hogs and Heifers, Las Vegas: a bar experience like no other

We’ve been to Vegas lots of times, and we’ll be back again before too long (check out our post about how to do Vegas on a budget here) But one thing we did for the first time in April was experience Hogs and Heifers – a bar Downtown, just off Fremont Street.

It’s not for everyone – its rowdy, there’s no fancy décor and there are thousands of bras hanging above the bar…but give it a chance and you will have a great time.

We went in there about 11am The beers are cheap (PBR cans around $3) and the bar girls are cool and friendly to everyone, despite by their own admission being hungover from last night’s shift. They shout people in from the street on a megaphone. This bar is not for the faint hearted and very un-British, in a good way.

Fast forward a few hours….

We were several cans of PBR and numerous shots down, had laughed and cheered along as one hen party danced on the bar and the bride-to-be donated her knickers to the hall of fame behind the bar (they gave her a Hogs and Heifers branded pair to replace them, don’t worry), watched as one drinker replaced her bra with two nipple stickers (hence all the bras above the bar – the barmaids encourage women to donate their bras, told you it was rowdy), had enjoyed many, many rock song requests on their jukebox and this happened….

Hogs and Heifers, Las Vegas,

Rob managed to sneak about 30 seconds of a video, but we were then told we weren’t allowed to film.

We found Hogs and Heifers completely by accident and saw people walk in and then walk out being a bit put off by the party atmosphere and loud music before midday! But there was a great crowd in there, that did keep growing as the afternoon went on.

It was a crazy few hours, spontaneous, memorable and very, very Vegas.

We still think back to that day and laugh about just how crazy it was and at the same time  wishing we were back there. Try it out if you’re Downtown in Vegas – YOU WILL HAVE A GOOD TIME!