How to do Vegas on a budget

How to do Vegas on a budget

We’ve been to Vegas quite a few times together and love it. There’s a lot of money to be made and lost in Vegas. We like to gamble a bit, but go for the experience of the place really, not to make loads of money. Unless you’re throwing thousands of dollars at dealers, your time in Vegas doesn’t have to cost you a lot – there are ways to experience the Strip on a budget, and still have a pretty great time. Here are our tips on how to do Vegas on a budget.

Here are some of our top dollar saving things you can do in Vegas, without breaking the bank.


All the big hotels (like the MGM Grand) do a pretty insane breakfast. Buffets with every food imaginable – I mean Chinese, Mexican, Italian AS WELL as your usual mountains of pancakes, eggs and bacon. They are a sight to behold!

However, although they look tempting, they will set you back around $40 each ($60 at weekends)! Yes, there is an incredible amount of food, but no matter how hungry you are, it’s hard to get $40 worth of food out of it! A couple of plates and we were stuffed – you almost feel like you need to keep going, just to get your money’s worth.

We much preferred getting out of the bigger hotels and finding much more reasonably priced, but just as filling places to set us up for the day.

La Salsa Cantina offers a delicious breakfast for about $6 – eggs, Spanish potatoes, bacon and toast. With a refill coffee, you’re looking at no more than $10 per person! It’s a chain so there are a few dotted around the strip and within hotel’s malls – so you wont be too far away from one.

If that just wont do it though, Main Street Station in downtown (just off Fremont Street) offers a hotel breakfast to rival ones on the strip in terms of quality and quantity from round $8 per person. This place has huge vaulted ceilings too that make it a pretty grand place to start the day.

Fremont Street is also a great place to spend the day in general. Food and drink is cheaper here than on the strip and you also get to experience a bit of history as some of the older hotels are still open and located here.

The Hotels

You can spend days walking around places like The Venetian, Mandalay Bay and Caesar’s Palace. All have their own shopping malls too, which are fun to stroll through and really give you an idea of the scale of the place. The décor is seriously impressive and no expense has been spared. Walk off your big breakfast with a stroll around the bigger hotels, their arcade and malls – you can walk around with beers too, so it wont cut into your drinking time.

$1 beers

Casino Royale located between The Venetian and Harrahs sells $1 bottles of beer – yep $1, and you don’t even have to gamble! A great place to start the night, or afternoon and get some cheap drinks in. It is also home to the $2.50 hot dog (walk right to the back of the casino).

Free drinks (plus tip)

It’s a well known fact that if you are gambling in Vegas, you get free drinks. This is at the 50 cent machines, or the tables. Cocktail waitresses come round, take your order and bring you your drink. Tip them a couple of bucks each time, and your next drink will never be very far away!

Cheap drinks for girls

The entrance to Gilley’s Saloon is just to the right as you enter Treasure Island Hotel. Head there for some cool country music and great BBQ food. They have band nights, line dancing lessons, a mechanical bull, and actual saddles as bar stools.

The bar also has ladies night every Thursday 7-10pm with $1 Bud Light drafts and ‘well drinks’ (spirits and mixers) for ladies.

Free legendary Elvis show

There are so many shows to see in Vegas, too many to choose from! If you fancy treating yourself to a show (many will set you back at least $70 per person), I would recommend any Cirque Du Soleil show – simply amazing.

However, there is  a famous show you can attend for free. Big Elvis performs at The Piano Bar in Harrah’s, and spends a good 45 minutes taking us through some of The King’s greatest hits. Its a small bar, but with a great atmosphere as his three time weekly show pulls in the crowds from far and wide.

Big Elvis has performed more than 7,000 performances on the Strip, making this Las Vegas Elvis show an institution.

Showtimes: Mon, Wed, Fri, 14:00, 15:30, 17:00.

The best view in Vegas for free (with a half price cocktail)

The Stratosphere is home to our favourite bar in Vegas. It’s right at the top of the building and offers the best views of the strip, and has a great happy hour.

As you enter the hotel, go up to the mezzanine level, signposted as ‘tower entrance’. To the right as you are looking at the general admission elevators at the tower entrance, there is usually someone sitting at a small desk. Tell them you are going to the lounge and they will point you in the direction of a secret bank of elevators. Go right to the top and enjoy the view with a half price cocktail! (Happy Hour(s): 10am-midnight, 1am-4am)

After copious  half price cocktails, head down to Roxy’s Diner in the Stratosphere for ham, eggs, hash browns and toast for $7 ,served 2am-7am so you’re ready to hit the strip again! Who needs sleep?

These are just a few tips to help you do Vegas without blowing the budget! Enjoy 🙂

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