Who are Pairofpassports?

Pairofpassports is run by Hannah, one half of a couple from the UK who love to travel. We want to see the world.

Check out our guest interview with EastSleepLoveTravel here to learn a bit more about us!

This is us in Rome drinking wine (we do that quite a lot) in one of our favourite bars, sheltering from the rain outside.

Rome, wine, Europe, pairofpassports.com

We’re happiest when we are exploring or planning our next visit to a new place – whether it’s walking miles around a new city, or sipping beers on on a picture perfect Mexican beach.

We have been to some amazing places together, and one day, maybe we will find a way to travel full time, moving around the world and working at our own pace. Until then, we will visit as many places as we can whilst based in Peterborough, UK.

Pairofpassports.com is the place where we will record our travel experiences and tips as we explore the world. We hope you enjoy reading our posts and that they inspire you to travel to new places too…


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